Being horrified over doctors’ ignorance

You never stop being horrified over doctors’ ignorance regarding the thyroid gland!

The threshold for the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is a TSH above 2.5 (my TSH was 9.9 when I was most ill). When you’ve got the diagnosis and you’re medicated, TSH should be below 1. The threshold for antibodies are 5.6 and mine were 184. 

A friend of mine had some blood tests taken and… Her doctor said that her TSH were slightly elevated at 6.3 – idiots! 

At 9.9 I found myself quite fast at the ER, my blood pressure went through the roof, my heart was beating r e a l l y slowly… I had a cat scan taken to see if I had got a stroke or something due to the high blood pressure. 

Even so, it took them six months to figure out what was wrong! Now, I’ve been on meds for 1.5 years, I’m still tired, my weight are still the same and I still have the ”breeze” in my head.


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