Hello! My name is Hypothyroidism


I am an invisible, autoimmune disease which affects the
thyroid gland. I´ll be accompanying you for the rest of your
life. The people in your vicinity won´t be able to see, or
hear me, whereas your body certainly will be able to feel my
presence. I will cause you intense pain, or in case I happen to
be in god mood, just cause your body to ache all over.
Do you remember the days when you were young and
energetic, enjoying your life every day? I took that energy
away from you, and instead I made you feel exhausted. I can
deny a good night’s sleep and instead give a constant feeling
of being in a drowsy-like state. I can make you feel
constantly sleepy, or on the other hand I can also make you
constantly suffer from insomnia.

I can make you tremble, feel cold, or sweat. I can make your
hands, feet, and face swollen. I can also make you
feel depressed and anxious. Furthermore I can also cause you
other kinds of psychological problems, or issues. I can cause
you hair-loss; your hair can also become both dry and brittle.
I can also because you to get pimples and dry skin. In other
words: There are no limits when it comes the what kind of
different problems I can cause you.

I can cause you to gain weight, and no matter what kind of
food and how much or how little you eat of it, no matter how
much you try to exercise, I will nonetheless make sure that
those few extra pounds which you have gained will stay there
for good. Some of the other autoimmune diseases which are
also often accompanying me, means that you
constantly get more and more problems and issues to deal

In case you have made some kind of plans, or have looked
forward to be able to do something special in the future I can
also take that possibility away from you, as you did not ask
for my permission. I chose you as my victim for many
reasons, you´ll never be able to get rid of the virus which
Implanted in you, the physical stress which has been with you
for a long time, or the possible connection you might have
had with me on a genetic level.  No matter what the cause
may be, I will be a part of your life forever.

I know that you probably will go to many different doctors in
order to try to get rid of me, and all that that does is cause
me to laugh my head of, so to speak. You go right ahead and
try all you want; you will be forced to make a lot of different
doctors’ appointments to quite a few different doctors, before
you maybe are able to find one doctor who might be able to
offer you an effective treatment. Before that though, you´ll
most likely  be given the wrong medication, such as
painkillers, sleeping-pills, energy-pills and antidepressant

I can make you feel ill in so many different ways, the list is
both long and distinguished, I can for instance cause you
high blood reassure, buzzing in your ears, impaired eyesight,
problems and issues with your teeth and gum, stomach –
related issues and hemorrhages just to name a few examples.
All because of me, and the list could be made even longer
than the one mentioned here, and you know it!

The doctors will tell you that once you have a good diet, get
enough sleep, exercise regularly, have a positive mental
attitude, you´ll get rid of me. When you tell what you feel because
of me, he or she won´t believe you, you won´t be taken
seriously. No one will want to listen to what you have to say,
your own family, friends and colleagues will tell you that you
just have to pull yourself together and stop constantly
thinking about how you feel. As all of this is going on and you are
slowly but surely succumbing, losing both your
self-esteem and your joy of living. I cause you all of these
problems and issues,  solely because I can and also
want to do so, and you can´t stop me in any way, and you
know this for a fact.

About Me
I am a 38 year old woman (born 1977), I was born in the city of Karleby,
which is situated in the Swedish-speaking region of
Ostrobothnia on the west-coast of Finland., but I have been
living here in Sweden since I was 9 years old I become more
and more good-looking as the years go by, and I just Love
licorice in all sizes forms and shapes.


2 tankar på “Hello! My name is Hypothyroidism

  1. Hej Melanie!

    Läste där du har skrivit om dig själv! Han måste ha valt mig också! Denna otrevliga prisse! Lakrits är gott!

    Har valt att ha de flesta inläggen i min blogg bakom lösenord. Om du vill ta del av mina dagar, så skicka ett mail!

    Nu ska jag fortsätta att läsa….

    // Kram Anna


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