What makes one person worth more than another?

Been thinking a lot about the phenomenon of grading people. It’s not a new idea but showed up well before World War II in the healthcare sector where they wanted to purge out people who, in their view, couldn’t add anything to society and those who they felt should be allowed avoid ”suffering” due to, say, a disability.

Quite simply, they felt they had a right to remove these people from the equation to make things ”better” for all parties. If the families of those who were targeted stood up and spoke out, they too were targeted. By the time Hitler entered the stage people were already so brainwashed that no one dared speak up and so he could go on using the gas chambers and crematoria already in existence. The fact that he aimed for the Jews was no accident, but, it could equally have been any of us.

If we fast-forward a few decades to the present, we see that the same grading is still taking place, but now in the shape of abortion. The concept of human dignity has become fuzzy and we now ask the question ”When is a life, a life” ? My question is, ”What is it that makes a human being aborted at 22 weeks worth less than one born week 23? or what is it that makes a person who’s just been conceived worth less than you or me?”

We are all people no matter how small or big we are and no matter where we come from. Abortion, when is life — life, and human dignity are all red-hot topics we must address, though there is always someone who believes we should put the lid on and not talk about it. I, for one, am a straightforward person who says what I think on these matters — and get a lot of praise and blame for doing it. I have debated abortion before, and I know I’m a thorn in the flesh to a lot of people but I can take it. There will always be those who disagree — whatever the debate is about.

There’s nothing worse than complaining about something and hoping for change while standing on the sidelines. Step into the battle instead and fight for what you believe! The struggle for human dignity and for the unborn is important, and I will continue fighting until I see change. I look forward to future debates and hope we will soon see a new view of human dignity in our society.

There will always be those who hope that I will keep quiet but I will always stand for the equality of all people and for the unborn.

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